Wednesday, July 26, 2017

PILLATHAANGI POTHAKAM: Publication Venture Under Set Up

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Sunday, January 8, 2017



I suppose that this new is about Dalai Mama's statement on Buddha as the  Vishnu avatara. I am not sure of veracity of the Lama statement, but one thing remains to be clarified here. Does any of the professed Buddhist practitioners or schools holds that the Buddha is one of the ten incarnations of the Vishnu?  It is a well known fact that the Hinduism has tried to appropriate Buddhism by making Buddha a Vishnu avatara. That means the figure of Buddha himself has been used for containing the radical nature of Buddhism. Buddhism as an atheistic ethical-spiritual movement had brought about many revolutionary changes in its longer and wider history. Even now it continues to inspire all forward looking people all over the world. Dalai Lamar himself continues to be the most outspoken and outstanding  representative scientific and revolutionary streak of  Buddhism in the contemporary world. If so it is very strange to see that the Hinduist-Buddhism being attributed to him.